Energy Storage
For Every Need

Lightweight & Modular

Portable energy storage

With 300Gr for 108Wh, with LEPO you can easily take your energy storage system to use on the go or in a distant/isolated site.

Scalable &reusable

Stationary energy storage

Explore the comfort of our batteries as a service for your stationary needs and never worry about your storage again.

Smart & Safe

Embeddable energy storage

LEPO can be Embedded in any equipment, offering to the end user the comfort of reusable and wire-free battery

Disrupting the industry
statu quo

Replace defective cells only

With its advanced technology, LEPO monitors the health of each individual cell, enabling users to effortlessly replace only the defective cells. Enjoy sustainable energy with enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness like never before.


Use the cheapest source available

Experience intelligent charging with the LEPO dual charger, designed to seamlessly power up your battery both off-grid and on-grid. Take advantage of off-peak hours natively for cost-effective charging, ensuring optimal efficiency and convenience.


Deliver the right energy need

Efficiency meets innovation with LEPO's precision energy supply feature. Tailoring the right amount of power to each device, LEPO ensures optimal performance while combating vampire energy waste. Smartly cutting the supply when a device's battery reaches full capacity, LEPO champions sustainability and cost-effectiveness in every power cycle.


Adapt your storage to your needs

Unlock unparalleled flexibility with LEPO's scalability feature. Unlike conventional batteries, LEPO empowers users to easily expand storage and output capabilities by adding modules. Tailor your power setup to evolving needs, ensuring a customizable and future-ready energy solution with LEPO.


LEPO Advantges

In addition to its environmental impact, using LEPO instead of regular batteries has many advantages for our users.

-70% battery replacement

Equipment protection

-18% electricity consumption

Real-time monitoring

-30% electricity cost

40 years of usage and reusage

Tired or heavy power stations and useless powerbanks?

Join our community, cobuild with us and get the chance to test the prototype before the world